Established in 1960, Sekisui House is one of the world’s largest residential development companies, having constructed over 2.4 million homes worldwide. The enduring corporate philosophy of our organisation is to create homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations. Since 1990,

Sekisui House has operated its own Housing Research and Development Institute in Kyoto, Japan. This state-of-the-art facility spans over 28,165m2, comprising more than 30 laboratories and studios engaged in testing and researching advancements in architecture, materials, technology and construction methodology.

In 1995, in response to the need for a highly engineered housing construction solution that could withstand Japan’s extreme weather conditions, Sekisui House developed SHAWOOD; a proprietary ‘Metal Joint’ and laminated timber post and beam structural system.

Sekisui House has now constructed over 70,000 SHAWOOD homes globally, with over 250 homes delivered in NSW, Australia. A global leader in sustainability, Sekisui House has constructed more Net Zero Energy homes than any other company in the world - more than 35,000 since 2013.

The catalyst for this achievement was the showcasing of our “Zero Emission House” at the Hokkaido Toyako G8 Summit in Japan in 2008, demonstrating that the need for comfortable living could be met with a zero-carbon footprint. In 2009, Sekisui House entered several new international markets and now operates in China, Singapore, the United States and Australia.


From the outset, the philosophy behind the SHINKA House project was to aggressively exceed both the NSW Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) and the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) whilst keeping within a construction budget that was reflective of the 2018 median house price index of Metropolitan Sydney. Sekisui House enlisted both local and international experts to assist with assessing and formulating the optimum combination of passive and active systems to maximise this outcome. Our unique approach in optimising the house design, building envelope, energy generation & storage, offsets energy demand for the home.

Naturally, we did not stop here. We have also undertaken an assessment of the SHAWOOD system in comparison to traditional brick veneer construction with positive results. Testing has established superior performance in the areas of energy efficiency, air tightness and acoustic balancing.

​Based upon the current legislated assessment criteria, SHINKA House has been independently assessed to deliver a predicted Thermal Comfort Rating of 8.0 stars; that’s 2 stars more than the national Australian standard. As for BASIX, the home has been assessed to reduce water consumption and greenhouse emissions by more than 40% below the NSW minimum targets.

Notwithstanding the above, it has been assessed that the SHAWOOD specification of materials and construction tolerances combined, deliver 65% greater performance in terms of air leakage, whilst being over 7 decibels quieter than traditional construction methods when subjected to similar external noises.

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SHINKA House will be opening Early 2020

5 Jan- 28 Feb 2017

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